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Find apps that make sense for you, when and where you need them. Discover apps recommended by experts and personalities.


Be more productive with App Stax. The easiest way to group your apps into folders. Never spend time searching for an app again.


Let your friends know which apps you use. Share your App Stax with the touch of a finger. Easy. Fast. Social.

App Stax

App Stax are custom groups of apps that you can curate yourself and which allows you to organize your devices.

Alternatively you can find pre-curated App Stax developed to meet a range of needs and interests. So if you looking for apps that could help you find good places to eat, keep yourself healthy or help you have a good time at a place you are planning to visit, APRROW has an App Stax for you.

Want to find the latest and coolest new apps? We have partnered with App Experts to bring their App Stax to you .

Social Stax

A window into the most valued apps and social content of the people and organizations you care and/or follow, all in one place.

Discover what apps they are using or what apps they recommend based on their areas of expertise.

The Social Stax aggregation brings all their social channels to your fingertips, so you don’t miss a thing.

Smart Stax

This awesome feature learns which apps you use when and where you use them. It then organizes your apps into a folder, otherwise known as Smart Stax.

So, let’s say you use a set of apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Chrome first thing in the morning, and Netflix, YouTube and Spotify when you get home from work. APRROW will learn these repeated behaviors and automatically place each of these apps into the Smart Stax for quick and easy access.

What is even better? You can add the Smart Stax widget to your home screen and never search for an individual app again.


Access your apps from anywhere on your device.

Organize your apps into Stax for an even better experience with the Overlay.

Conveniently swipe right or left to navigate through your Stax.

Smart Stax

Share one, two or entire collections of apps.

Your friends and family will never have to search for recommended apps again.

Create your own Stax and share it with just a touch.

The APRROW Experience

Apps Organization Simplified

Never search for an individual app again. Smart Stax will automaticaly find the apps you need, when and where you need them. You can also create your own Stax and organize your apps one more time, and then never do it again.

Discover New Apps

Discover apps based on your interests, location, lifestyle, etc. Don't spend more time searching app stores. We've already done all the hard work and created perfect app collections that make sense for you. We're also partnering with app experts, celebrities and influencers so you can find out which apps they use and recommend. All delivered to you seamlessly.

Share Your Apps

Create your own app collections (Stax) and then share them with friends, family and the world.


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